Shoulder Bags
The Moxie - Shoulder bag with textured
stripes in gold and silver leaf.   Patent
leather sides and straps with stainless
steel tacks. 11" x 11" X 4"
The  Brookie - Maple Burl shoulder bag
with pig suede lining.   Inset of
figured maple with hand painted Brook
Trout with pyrographic detailing.  
8.5" x 3.5" x 8"

Messenger Bag  -  Shoulder bag of Ash with Wenge
trim.   Leather flap and  carved bone button


El Cantimplora  - Canteen Bag - Maple body
with zebra wood and maple burl front.  
Ornament of palm and tagua nuts.

Fliptop Bag pf Maple, Bloodwood, Narra  and
Redheart with Hammered Copper trim

El Cantimplora  -  Canteen Bag -  
Maple, body with padouk and japanese yew front

Bocote Leaf Baguette - Maple body dyed and
textured.   End caps and hand carved leaf in bocote

Il  Nodo - Shoulder bag of natural edged maple
burl lid.  Body of orchard salvage claro walnut.  
Padouk front with ornament of carved betel
and tagua nuts


El Cantimplora - the Canteen Bag -  Maple,
Honduran rosewood and spalted tamarind wood.   

Illusion Baguette  -Fiddleback Maple with
Wenge dividers and end caps. Bag has two
interior compartments - one large and
one small.

The Rockridge - Petite Shoulder Bag  with  Maple
Body with
 Bleached Wenge Woods with Chrome
and Patent Leather

Shoulder Bag of Maple Burl with African
Blackwood Accents

Landscape Bag -Shoulder Bag of Sapele, Redwood
Burl and Spalted Maple "landscape" insert

Birdhouse Bag - Claro Wanut body with Maple
Burl top and divider and Zebrawood front

The Porthole
Shoulder bag of redwood Burl and English Walnut
Insert with Claro Walnut back

Map Bag - Shoulder Bag of redwood Burl and
Sapele with spalted maple map of continents

The Saratoga - Shoulder Bag of Bleached Ash
and Wenge woods with Chrome and Patent
Leather. Ivory Pigskin Suede Lining with
central pocket

The Baguette -  Shoulder bag of Big Leaf Maple
with Redwood Burl caps.  Carved Ornaments of
palm nuts and blackwood.  Handcarved bone
The Laurel Noir
The body of this rich bag is made of orchard salvage
walnut.  The front is zebrawood with a Laurel leaf
carved of African Blackwood.  The unique hinged
lid is the natural live edge of Aboynia burl.  Strap of
black calfskin.